Koncert: Trio Vettoretti Lazeri Battistelli

sobota, 15. 5. 2021, Dvorana Glasbene šole Krško




Andrea Vettoretti Guitarist and composer. He has liberated the classical guitar. This instrument, too often linked to the Spanish or purely classical tradition, has been refashioned by Vettoretti into a new form. One does not only listen to a musician of great talent and instrumental elegance, but the audience also becomes captivated by the originality of his music that merges into a unique style. The charm of his original style is the fusion of a sound both enchanting and warm, a sound that one cannot miss.

A polished musician who expresses himself with a language both cultured and emotional, connecting classical music with many other genres.  

Vettoretti obtained his music diploma with full marks from the “G. Rossini” Conservatory of Fermo and then continued his studies at the prestigious “Ecole Normale de Music” in Paris under the guidance of Alberto Ponce, where after only two years he gained the “Diplome Supérieur de Execution” and the “Diplome Supérieur de Concertiste”.

He has won 13 international music competitions. He has played many concerts and international tours, from the Queen Elizabeth Hall in London, to the Salle Cortot in Paris, stopping in metropolitan cities, among them Rome, Berlin, Dublin, Valencia, Mexico City, Miami and Sydney.

He has recorded 10 CDs for various recording companies. Vettoretti’s music can be heard on iTunes, Spotify and YouTube.

Since 2015 he is CNI Music artist. His CD RAIN, represents a bridge between the depth of the classic style and the new music of Andrea Vettoretti. The album Wonderland, with his original music is inspired by the fantasy world of Alice in Wonderland.

His music has been used by the director Davide Del Degan (selected for the Cannes Festival) in his short films and in the official video Sensations, winner of the Akademia Music Award.

He is currently working on the new album “Quantum One”, due out in summer 2021. Quantum One is a concept album dedicated to the Universe, where the interaction between sounds coming from space and the music expressed in compositions for guitar, cello and clarinet, become message of awareness for humanity. The album will feature various appearances including the Italian actress Sabrina Impacciatore and guitarist Grammy Award Andrew York.

Andrea Vettoretti is sponsor and ambassador of a musical education program for children from the Santa Eulalia Valley in Peru, known as Musicare.

He plays with Savarez Alliance Cantiga strings on guitars by Matthias Dammann and Enzo Guido.

For all information go to www.andreavettoretti.it or on the Facebook or Instagram pages.


Riviera Lazeri Cello. Has conducted her studies for Cello at “​Luigi Cherubini​” Music Conservatory in Florence, ​graduating with the highest marks and praise with Master A. Nannoni.

She has attended several master-classes with F. Maggio Ormezowsky, M. Rostropovich and L. Harrel.

She has been an active soloist with the orchestra directed by F. Lanzilotta ​with the Concerto Symphony of Mozart for trio of strings in the “​Festival Internazionale Veneto Concertante​“ (​International Concerto Festival Venice) with V. Oistrach.

She has performed in the most prestigious European and worldwide theaters​.

Ms. Lazeri has collaborated with renowned musicians like ​Ludovico Einaudi​, ​Daniel Hope​, Xavier Jirotto​, ​Antonello Salis​, Andrea Vettoretti. She recorded for the record company "​Decca​".

Lately she is professionally dedicated to the musical theater, in collaboration with Stefano Benni, they have created the show "​Cari mostri​" (Dear monsters) with their compositions, performing at various festivals and major theaters in Italy.


Fabio Battistelli Clarinet. He has brilliantly graduated at the Conservatory of Perugia. 
It proposes itself to the public as a soloist or as a member of chamber groups and has performed concert activities in some of the most prestigious concert halls in Italy and Europe, as well as in South America, the United States, Canada and North Africa. He has recorded for the Fonit-Cetra Raitrade and has participated in several RAI television and radio broadcasts.  He made his debut in October 1998 at the Carnegie Hall in New York. he has performed in the most prestigious European and worldwide theaters​.

He currently teaches at the "L. Cherubini" Music Conservatory in Florence; he is also regularly invited to participate as a member in national and international competition commissions. He is also involved in music and poetry productions and collaborates regularly with many important Italian actors. He published his teaching method "Guide to the study of I ° Lefevre for the publisher Sonori.




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